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Company GMP EU Design Consulting JSC
Headquarters 145 Ngoc Hoi Street – Hoang Liet – Hoang Mai – Ha Noi City.
Hotline 0981.495.038

Dear Customer,

GMP EU operates in the field of construction investment consultancy – operation of pharmaceutical factories according to GMP EU, GMP PIC / S standards.

With the motto of putting consulting quality on top, ensuring the certification of EU GMP for customers, GMP EU provides Vietnamese pharmaceutical enterprises with comprehensive solutions from EU GMP consulting agencies.

Top of the world:

Eigna Pharma

CPD consulting and training

GMP Technical solutions.


1. Vision
Becoming a leading consulting firm in the field of GMP EU and GMP PIC / S construction in Vietnam as well as in the region. Bring professional and optimal solutions to partners and customers.
2. Mission
  • For customers: To become the first and reliable choice of customers in the field of construction consultancy GMP EU and GMP PIC / S. Providing customers with total, professional, as well as optimal solutions when building factories meeting GMP EU and GMP PIC / S standards.
  • For partners: To uphold the spirit of cooperation for mutual development. Being a reliable partner of each other, committing to become a companion to increase value, bring solutions to customers.
  • For employees: Building a professional and developing working environment. Creating savings for employees to increase self-worth through personal development.
  • For society: Contributing positively to improving the quality of drugs, healthcare service quality, demonstrating the corporate sense of responsibility towards society.
Core values
  • Credit: Protecting trust as well as protecting the honor of the business. We work hard to create a professional environment by upholding integrity, ethics and responsibility.
  • Professionalism: Always updating solutions to bring the most optimal and complete solution to partners and customers.
  • Efficiency: Customer-centric. Focus on finding and providing customers with the most effective solutions.
  • Development: Emphasizing the spirit of creativity, improvement to innovate. Creative spirit is the foundation of development.